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2010 – the year of exposed plaster July 1, 2010

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Isn’t it funny how things work out? I’ve been fighting for six weeks or more to find a painter who will strip wallpaper and paint my living room and dining room. Unfortunately,  I haven’t been successful. See paint saga one and two. It’s now a good thing that I couldn’t find a painter because I just spent $612 on new brakes and rotors for my car. *sigh* Don’t you just hate it when the money you have earmarked for a certain home improvement is suddenly swallowed up by a boring, but necessary car repair? Oh well…I haven’t had a car payment in more than a year and the car is 10 years old. What did I expect anyway?

So…here’s the new plan…

I’m going to continue to strip the wallpaper off the walls in the living room. Right now it’s only about 10% removed and it looks horrible. Like a big gaping wound in  need of sutures. Once all the wallpaper is removed and the plaster is exposed. I’m going to leave it that way. For now. It’s going to take probably 4 months or so to rebuild my home improvement fund, then I’ll TRY to find a painter. Hopefully by fall they’ll need work.

In the meantime…I’m going to bring back exposed plaster!!! Exposed plaster will be the new chic! High-end interior design?? Think ‘exposed plaster’!!!

This is the only way to keep from crying sobbing because I have such an ugly house. I’m going to take life’s lemons and make plaster flavored lemonade!

I’ll post progress photos along the way. I’m envisioning naked plaster walls with a fully decorated room. Sound gross great?

I googled ‘exposed plaster’ and found some of these photos. It doesn’t look THAT bad, does it? DOES IT?

I’m going to ROCK exposed plaster like nobody’s business. Who’s with me?


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