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Painting Saga Part One June 26, 2010

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Apparently professional painters are flaky. I say that with the utmost respect as I deeply appreciate their hard work and talent.

To give you a little background. My one and only experience with a professional painter was in the fall of ’09. I hired a guy…we’ll call him Robert…to remove three layers of wallpaper, skim-coat and paint plaster walls in my two bedrooms. He did a fantastic job. He was on-time, cheerful, hard working, extremely neat and did exactly what he said he was going to do. And he did it cheap. He did both bedrooms (each 12 x 12) for a total of $1,038.

Pleased as punch I went on about my life and started saving money to have him back to do two more rooms. I’m going to get this house completed the Noah’s Ark way: two-by-two!

After months of saving and one Federal tax refund later, I called Robert to tell him that I’m ready to have him work on the living room and dining room. I left a detailed message and waiting for his return call.

And waited.

And waited.

Drove by his house (two blocks over).

And waited.

Called again after two weeks. Left another message.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

He finally returned my call and said he would be over to see the rooms I need painted. Robert reviewed the rooms, left a paint sample deck and said he would write up an estimate and drop it off.

That was 15 days ago. Haven’t heard a word. I called last week and left a message. I said that I was touching base about when I might receive the estimate. I also told him that if he doesn’t want/need the work, that’s fine…just call and tell me.

Is that too much to ask?

I mean, really?

It’s common courtesy. We’re practically neighbors. It’s just rude.

So…the guy is basically fired before he was ever hired. It’s disappointing because I actually trusted him. He was referred to me by a friend who not only used his services before, but worked also with his wife.

He likes cats and would make sure my kitties didn’t run out the door when he was coming and going.

I’m mourning the loss of my painter. I actually felt so grown up with the idea that I had a painter.

But I’ve been dumped.

By a painter.

Stay tuned for Part Two.


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