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How cute is this? June 16, 2009

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spaceballEvery now and then I visit Ree’s blog a.k.a. Pioneer Woman. Beautiful photography and funny antedotes from her life on a cattle farm. Today I opened it up to this hilarious story about their bassett hound Charlie.

How stinkin’ cute is that??? I just want to eat his little face! I love dogs.


2 Responses to “How cute is this?”

  1. Diane Says:

    hi, I was just reading Darby’s (fly through my window) post for the day and noticed your comment about old louisville. Just wanted to say hi since I live in louisville too–the Germantown/Highlands area. Last time I discovered a blogger in Louisville and emailed her she kind of freaked, like I was a crazed stalker or something coming to butcher her family. Sheesh. I assure you I’m not nearly that interesting, so no fears okay? Just wanted to say hi and to invite you to say hi back, if you feel like it.

  2. hmcclure2005 Says:

    Hi Diane!!!

    I’m glad you said ‘hello’. I would never fear you to be a stalker and it’s funny when people get weirded out about stalkers when they tell their life story on the world wide web! ha!

    Anyway…don’t you love Darby’s blog? It’s addicting.

    Have a great week!


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