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…bad kitty January 20, 2009

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After leaving Louie unattended for about 30 minutes Saturday night, I discovered that he not only pryed the “delete” button from my laptop key pad, but he chewed it up and spit it out. It’s so badly damaged that it won’t fit back in the space. *sigh* Why couldn’t he pick a key that’s never used…like this one “`” or this one “|”??? I use the delete key all the time.

Here is the innocent face:


here is what’s left of my delete button:



Don’t let the precious face fool you. He is the devil in fur. The only reason he’s still alive is because after he does something bad, he curls up on my chest and purrs and melts my heart. *sigh* I’m such a sucker.


to kv January 15, 2009

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she’s crafty and she’s just my type… January 5, 2009

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down to the wire on christmas eve, I busted out these cute felt flower pins as family gifts…


I also made some cute fabric covered buttons made into tacks, then I put them in little tins and attached the tin to a little cork board…


i wasn’t the only crafty girl this christmas…KV’s sister made the cutest notebooks! it’s a beige moleskin pocket notebook that she customized with an old map and my initial. I love, love, love moleskin products and i love, love, love maps!!


I’m going to work on more fabric tacks and maybe earrings. I’m hoping to open my Etsy shop in the next month. More later…


new year, new hair January 3, 2009

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just got my hairs cut. i’ve been trying to grow it out for years and it simply didn’t look good. so…today i got it chopped, colored and flat-ironed! yippie!



I cannot express how much better it feels. I’m free, i’m free, i’m free!!!