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mini monkey hat December 24, 2008

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okay…those of you who know me know that I’m not a baby gusher, but how flippin’ cute is this:


If I had a baby girl, she would totally be sporting this look!


I blame the cat December 23, 2008

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This is the world’s cure for insomnia.




He’s called Louie.


It is this ball of fur that caused me to take not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR naps this weekend.


Here’s his strategy…if I sit on the couch or dare to lay on the couch, he’s right on me. He walks up my legs, across my belly and settles on my chest. Warm, fuzzy, purring. It’s beyond adorable. Then he gently wiggles up a little higher until his precious head us under my chin.


I remember nothing after that. Next thing I know, two hours have past.


I’m convinced that his sweet little furry head has been sprinkled with poppy. You know, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she falls asleep in the poppy field?





Don’t let his cuteness fool you. He knows exactly what he’s donig. Can’t sleep? Get a lap cat…you’ll never get chores done again!



…kisses, dreams and sunshine… December 14, 2008

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kv gave me the sweetness birthday gift evah! I sent him a couple of wish list ideas from Etsy (where else?). He picked one and had it customized. I love it and I love wearing it. It’s a poetry ring by Kathryn Riechert. Check her out…here.



I have the best boyfriend in the world. He is soooooooo patient and understanding and I love him for that. We are going to breakfast tomorrow morning…I’m thinking french toast or maybe an omelet. hmmmm….


wise old owl December 6, 2008

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And I’m also thinking these owl’s are cutie-cute!



one, two, three, four,

five, six, seven,

eight, nine,

ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen


bird on a wire

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Lately I’ve formed a liking to birds. But not just any birds…little birds on wires or tree branches. Aren’t they cute?



one, two, three, four

five, six, seven

eight, nine

ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen



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“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

I stole this quote from one of my favorite blogs. If only I could do exactly what the quote says. 🙂