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Your opinion needed September 30, 2008

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I have a gold mesh Whiting and Davis evening bag similar to the one in this photo. Now…I’m a little fashion challenged these days…which of the following is this bag?

A. vintage cool?

B. old school retro?

C. butt ugly, give it to the Goodwill?

Help Courtney!!!


9 Responses to “Your opinion needed”

  1. shelly Says:

    c. but that’s because i absolutely hate gold. i think its tacky looking and it reminds me of old ladies trying to get all gussied up. no offense!

  2. Noel Says:

    I think it is super cute and could be vintage or retro depending on the outfit …. don’t give it to the good will ….

  3. hmcclure2005 Says:

    Tee-hee…you crack me up! For Christmas I’m going to get you a yellow gold bird ring and some velvet pants! LOL

    Seriously…thanks for the opinion. When I was your age (dear God I feel old saying that) yellow gold was all the rage. *sigh*

  4. Courtney Says:

    Well you’re asking the Queen of Gold here, LOL. I LOVE IT! And I think this purse is great. Anything can look vintage cool if you 1) pair it with non-granny pieces (which I have no doubt you will) and 2) wear it with confidence.

    So I say wear it with pride and I’m sure you will have every girl in the bar wondering where you found that fantastic vintage find.

  5. shelly Says:

    we young whipper snappers are much more of the silver variety. i don’t think i’ve ever liked gold. and if a boy ever bought me anything gold, it would be the last thing he bought me, i can promise you that.

  6. MM Says:

    Probably being the oldest of all y’all, I think it is Vintage Cool. I love it and depending on where you want to wear the purse would go for it. I bet you get a lot of compliments and comments about it.

  7. jen asselin Says:

    Personally, not a lover of gold colored items. BUT if you like gold, and have the clothes to go with this look, my vote is that it’s vintage chic.

    I could not carry it off in any shape or form, since I’m not at all fashionable!

  8. e schroeder Says:

    ok, seriously? it reminds me of something at Claire’s (or whatever that accessory-tshatshke place is called). oy veh. It’s exactly like my Bubbe’s goin-to-Atlantic-City-purse.

  9. hmcclure2005 Says:

    It’s not THAT bad!

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