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my wedding… September 5, 2008

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And no…I’m not getting married! I’ve just had so much fun making wedding inspiration boards that I started collecting photos that I like for my own wedding.

For the record, I would never spend as much money as it would cost for me to have this dream wedding, but it sure was fun to dream for a little bit.

I chose the colors of moss and bronze. I love the color combination. It reminds me of Fall.

dress, candles, wedding gown, moss, bed, favorstutu, earrings, cake, ringsinvitations, shoes, moss & bricksflowers                                                                                                      


But then reality sets in and I realized that if I were to get married, it would probably end up something more like this…

dress, bed, apple pie, garden, wedding gown, lanterns,    
headband, hay, flowers, little girl, watermelon, rings, flowers

Of course, if I’m ever lucky enough to get married to a wonderful man, I’d be happy getting married wearing a burlap sack carrying a bundle of weeds! ha!


One Response to “my wedding…”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Ohh! I love them both. I’m partial to the second–it looks like so much fun! That said, you know, I bet you could do the top one on a budget with little DIY and some creative planning.

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