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sometimes a house is not a home August 26, 2008

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KV and I went to a couples bridal shower (gag) this past Saturday in a multi-million dollar house in eastern Louisville. I say “house” as it was clearly not a home. Allow me to elaborate…the couple who own the home are in their mid-forties. They have three (I think) children. Their house is beautiful. I could tell it was decorated by a professional and everything was top-of-the-line. But it was missing one thing…personality. Walking through their house, I didn’t learn anything about the people that live there. I mean, where is the children’s art on the fridge? Where is the book on the nightstand? Where is the macaroni/glitter covered jewelry box on the Mother’s dresser? The kids dog Fido? There were only professional photos on the walls. No candid kids birthday photos or fun outings at the park. It was sterile. And cold. And sad. Growing up, our house was far from a mansion and it was pretty much a mess all the time, but it was a home…not just a house.


Now that I have my own home, I make sure it’s full of things I love and that are sentimental to me. If I’m ever lucky enough to have my own house with my own family, I’ll certainly go out of my way to make it a home. I want to feel happy surrounded by the people and things that we love. Making a home is about more than calling an interior decorator. It’s about making it your own by expressing your personality. Don’t you think?


Messy Mazie in messy house by mvegas.

photo from flickr


2 Responses to “sometimes a house is not a home”

  1. angela Says:

    Great shot of that beautiful kiddo … did you take that?

  2. hmcclure2005 Says:

    oh hell no…I didn’t have my camera with me. That’s just an example of the insane house.

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