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unclaimed baggage July 30, 2008

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This place looks like it would be SUPER fun!


!@#$%&* July 29, 2008

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I work in public relations, so you can imagine my days are filled with words. Words, grammar, spelling, punctuation and usually a head-ache or two. It’s not uncommon for my boss and I to have a 20 minute discussion on the placement of a comma. I’m totally in love with the “shift key prints” from Grandin Road.

I’m also in love with these cute kitchen timers, also from Grandin Road. Okay, so I don’t exactly cook, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know a cute kitchen gadget when I see one!


it’s raining and i want to nap July 28, 2008

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this is the way I’m feeling today…


art-deco building

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This is a photo I took of the balcony of the Bowman Field administration building. I love the art-deco architecture.


Beautiful tree July 26, 2008

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I walked outside of my office building Thursday, like I have 100’s of times before, but this time I noticed this tree and all of it’s new “pods”. I walked over and touched the little pods. I thought they would be soft and supple, but they are dry and crunchy. Do you know what kind of tree this is?


Antiques Roadshow in Chattanooga! July 23, 2008

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Last Saturday, July 23, my friend MM and I loaded up her Explorer and hit the road! Just a 5 hour drive from Louisville to Chattanooga for the Antiques Roadshow!

Our tickets weren’t until 4:00, so we took our time driving down South.

We stopped for gas in TN:

Believe it or not…$3.83 is super cheap compared to what they are in Louisville. Yikes!

So we arrived at the Chattanooga Convention Center and took our place in line:

The line actually moved very fast and it was fun to see all of the people and what types of things they were bringing for appraisal.

Once you get to the front of the line, you are asked to turn off your cell phone and take our your items. Each ticketed person was allowed to bring two items for appraisal. A volunteer at the front of the line looks at your items to determine which appraisal table you should visit. Then they give you little “tickets” and direct you to the appropriate tables.

I brought some of my Grandma’s pottery. It’s rare blue Henroit Quimper pottery. The appraiser said it was probably from around 1935. I remember eating off this pottery when I was little.

It wasn’t necessarily worth all that much, but we did find out that the blue color is quite rare.

I also brought 3 prints that were my Aunt’s from around the early 1960’s:

Evidently these are promotional prints from the 1960’s from Brown and Williamson Tobacco Co. They weren’t worth very much. 😦

MM brought a super nice collection of Robert E. Lee letters which appraised for a very, very nice penny. She also brought a wooden spyglass.

The whole experience was super fun. It was very well organized and impressive. The show is set to air sometime in January 2009.

After we left the convention center, we had dinner at Blue Water Grille. It was super yummy. We highly recommend it. We skipped across the street to enjoy the movie Mamma Mia! I’ve never seen the musical, but the movie was FANTASTIC! Meryl Streep rocks!

We ended up using one of MM’s free vouchers at a less than classy hotel (but whose complaining…it was free). The bed on the other hand is like a medieval torture device:

The next morning, we painfully rolled out of bed and headed home. The TN scenery was quite nice:

But I prefer Kentucky. It’s good to be home. 🙂


Antiques Roadshow July 19, 2008

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So my dear friend MM and I are off this morning to Chattanooga TN for the Antiques Roadshow! Details and photos to come!